You’re Invited to Hope’s 1st Annual Costume Party!

Pull out your best halloween costumes & get ready for another epic Hope Yoga party! Friday, October 28th, from 6-8PM – join us for Hope’s annual costume contest and first ever costume party!!

Join in on the festivities to receive FREE yoga classes upon entry to our party! The better your costume, the more free classes you’ll receive! Get ONE FREE WEEK of classes when you show up in a costume, and get TWO FREE WEEKS for going ALL OUT with your costume!! If you don’t wear a costume, you won’t get any free class classes. So don’t be a party poop.

WE LOVE A GOOD COSTUME CONTEST!!! The best costumes will be entered into our official costume contest and we’re giving away some seriously HUGE prizes to our winners. It pays to play with us 😉

1st place = 6 MONTH GIFTCARD

2nd Place = 5 MONTH GIFT CARD

3rd Place = 4 MONTH GIFT CARD

4th Place = 3 MONTH GIFT CARD

5th Place = 2 MONTH GIFT CARD

6th Place = 1 MONTH GIFT CARD

Plus, we’ll have a live DJ, free champagne & candy – and did we mention we’ll be running the BIGGEST SECRET SALE since last Black Friday?!

You definitely DO NOT want to miss this! We can’t wait to see you all there.