Feel the VIBE with Hope’s NEW Yoga Class!

We all know HOPE is known for switching things up when it comes to yoga, but this time we’re slowing it down and bringing it back to basics with our NEW class, VIBE.

VIBE is where FLOW and POWER meet. It’s our most traditional yoga class, combining SLOW challenging poses with guided meditation techniques to provide you with good vibes and a great workout. This class is heated and focuses on slower, more challenging poses – so you’re still always guaranteed to get the killer workout that you expect when you come to HOPE, just at a much slower pace. 😉

With the stress of the holiday season creeping right around the corner, VIBE‘s challenging poses & relaxation techniques provide you with a moving meditation – the key to keeping you on your vibe during these overwhelming next few months. Keep your eyes on the schedule and come catch a VIBE to see what HOPE’s newest class is all about!