Love & honor yourself with Hope’s NEW Super Soul Challenge!

Slow down and take some time to love & honor yourself with our NEW

Super Soul Yoga Challenge!

Starting this Tuesday August 1st, join our #SuperSoulChallenge and participate in 30 days of daily yoga poses, HOPE classes, and soul nourishing activities that’ll help you learn to love yourself from the inside out!

If you successfully complete every day of the challenge, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of our many amazing cash money prizes! You do not want to miss out on these huge prizes!

To participate: make sure to stop into HOPE Dartmouth before the challenge starts to grab your free challenge calendars & purchase your challenge book “Practicing The Power Of Now” By Eckhart Tolle, also available at the front desk of HOPE!

Make sure to follow @Hope_Yoga on Instagram to stay updated!

HOPE’s #BestOfTheBest Party Recap & Challenge Winners Announced!

Saturday July 29th, we celebrated HOPE’s “Best of The Best” Award win with our #BestOfTheBest party! Everyone who came walked away with 30 FREE DAYS of Yoga & 5 FREE LA Cycle classes!

Our live DJ was spinning, the drinks were flowing & the money gun was in full effect! We also announced the winners of our #HopeBestLifeChallenge & awarded them with #YUGE prizes worth over $5000 in CASH MONEY and free yoga! If you missed out on the party, check out the video above to see how it goes down at the #1 yoga studio in the area. 😉 Congratulations to all of our challenge winners & thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!! We love you!

#HopeBestLifeChallenge WINNERS:

1st Place: Jocelyn Cabral (@mamabear12105)

$600 & 6 Months of FREE Yoga

2nd Place: Alysa Lopes (@alysa_yoga_challenge)

$500 & 5 Months of FREE Yoga

3rd Place: Natalie Saber (@natalie4071)

$400 & 4 Months of FREE Yoga

4th Place: Elizabeth Mahar (@lizzietiu44)

$300 & 3 Months of FREE Yoga

5th Place: Alisha Clark (@alisha_rae_)

$200 & 2 Months of FREE Yoga

6th Place: Kayla Niewola (@kaylaniewola)

$100 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga


Aura Mauricio (@aura81303) 

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Bridget Murphy (@bridgetmmurphyy)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Janis Bubluski (@janisb1111)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Katelyn Fitzsimmons (@straightouttashavasana)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Molly Nunes (@mollynunes)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Norma Sheperdson (@ybnormega)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Laurie Tavares (@ltavares343)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Laura Bastoni (@llbastoni)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Jade Wong (@jadewong3918)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga


You’re Invited to HOPE’s “Best of the Best” Party!

This week HOPE was voted #BestOfTheBest Yoga studio in all of the South Coast! Over 60,000 people voted and you chose US! To show our appreciation, we’re giving back! Join us at HOPE this Saturday, July 29th from 3-5pm for our #BestOfTheBest Party! We’re giving back with the #BEST giveaway in HOPE history!

Everyone will receive 30 FREE DAYS of Yoga & 5 FREE LA Cycle classes at the door!

Plus, vibe to our LIVE DJ & enjoy free food and champagne while you shop all NEW Hope merch & a #YUGE SALE available exclusively at our party!

You do NOT want to miss this!

See you all there. xoxo



You voted HOPE Yoga as the #BestOfTheBest in all of the South Coast, so we’re giving back to both studios! Head online NOW to purchase your class packages for 55% OFF! Don’t miss out on this YUGE sale!

For HOPE: Head online to and then press “click here” on the right hand side under purchase current sale to be redirected to our online store. Once you’re there, log in to your account to purchase any package for 55% off!

For LA Cycle: Head to Once you’re there, click the “buy classes” tab, and then select any regular priced package to be redirected to the online store where the sale packages will appear under “series and memberships”. The discount has already been applied to the price, so once you select a package make sure to refresh your browser until the sale options appear!

We love you! xoxo

Strengthen your mind, body & soul with SOUL Yoga



Nourish the mind, body and soul with this beautiful new class, which combines slower paced sequencing, longer holds in poses and an emphasis on breath and stillness of your mind.

You’ll get the same great workout that you’ve come to depend on from all classes at HOPE, while strengthening both the body & the soul. This class is perfect both for beginners and anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice.


#PRESENCE: Our NEW 30 minute Meditation class!

Meditation is the art of going within to gain control over the mind, so that you can eventually silence your thoughts at will. Most people’s minds contain a non-stop, restless flow of thoughts, anxieties, and self-talk.

This constant mental activity leads to worry, self doubt, depression and/or decreased energy; reducing your ability to effectively cope with or change your situation for the better.

When you learn to gain control over your inner world through meditation, all of the energy wasted in negative self-talk is freed up to channel towards accomplishing your goals. In this way, with meditation your experiences in the outer world become less stressful and more successful.

PRESENCE, our new 30 minute meditation class is FREE to both new and existing clients, and will help you to still your mind & create more success in your daily life.