HOPE’s #BestOfTheBest Party Recap & Challenge Winners Announced!

Saturday July 29th, we celebrated HOPE’s “Best of The Best” Award win with our #BestOfTheBest party! Everyone who came walked away with 30 FREE DAYS of Yoga & 5 FREE LA Cycle classes!

Our live DJ was spinning, the drinks were flowing & the money gun was in full effect! We also announced the winners of our #HopeBestLifeChallenge & awarded them with #YUGE prizes worth over $5000 in CASH MONEY and free yoga! If you missed out on the party, check out the video above to see how it goes down at the #1 yoga studio in the area. 😉 Congratulations to all of our challenge winners & thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!! We love you!

#HopeBestLifeChallenge WINNERS:

1st Place: Jocelyn Cabral (@mamabear12105)

$600 & 6 Months of FREE Yoga

2nd Place: Alysa Lopes (@alysa_yoga_challenge)

$500 & 5 Months of FREE Yoga

3rd Place: Natalie Saber (@natalie4071)

$400 & 4 Months of FREE Yoga

4th Place: Elizabeth Mahar (@lizzietiu44)

$300 & 3 Months of FREE Yoga

5th Place: Alisha Clark (@alisha_rae_)

$200 & 2 Months of FREE Yoga

6th Place: Kayla Niewola (@kaylaniewola)

$100 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga


Aura Mauricio (@aura81303) 

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Bridget Murphy (@bridgetmmurphyy)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Janis Bubluski (@janisb1111)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Katelyn Fitzsimmons (@straightouttashavasana)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Molly Nunes (@mollynunes)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Norma Sheperdson (@ybnormega)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Laurie Tavares (@ltavares343)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Laura Bastoni (@llbastoni)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga

Jade Wong (@jadewong3918)

$50 & 1 Month of FREE Yoga